Allan Henderson

Artist Statement

British artist Allan Henderson has made an

outstanding mark on the professional arts scene,

with a fascinating client base that includes

politicians, media personalities and successful

business people.His current collections are the

Geometric series. These bold, attractive wall

works appear deceptively simple and striking,

yet subtly changes according to the viewers’

perspective. The Geometrics sprung from

researching dazzle ships and have been

described as “the modular layouts of Judd, with

the optical fascination and conviction of Bridget

Riley coupled with the intellectual playfulness

and immediacy of Maurits Escher.

Information - About Exhibitions

With degrees in both design and fine art, creativity is in Henderson’s DNA. He sees the world with a fresh pair of eyes, exploring it to bring new perspectives of even something as simple as water or geometric squares to the viewer. His skill extends across a range of media from sculpture and drawing to installation, prints and painting; and to digital formats including video subverted as an art form.

Henderson is exhibiting his “Poet” bronzes in the gardens and Geometric series in the Bakehouse.


Poet II ED 3/15

450mm x 260mm W x 410mm H

Bronze resin


Poet III Ed.5/15

210mm W 840mm H



Poet III Stand: 965mm H

Powder coated steel


Geometric 34 block wall (Orange and yellow. Portrait)

1220mm x 607mm



Geometric 34 block wall (Blue and orange. Portrait)

1220mm x 607mm



Geometric 34 block wall (Light blue and yellow. Portrait)

1220mm x 607mm




Geometric 36 block wall (Red and cyan. Landscape)

607mm x 1220mm



Geometric 144 block wall (Grey and cream Landscape)

1100mm x 2365mm

paint on wood  


For Information on how to purchase or to commission a sculpture please contact the curator Lucy Irvine