Art Collection Viewing

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Dates: August 12 - 15, 19 & 21

Step into the timeless walls of Ashridge House and take this unique opportunity to discover a captivating art collection spanning over 400 years.

In 1604, Sir Thomas Egerton (Queen Elizabeth I’s Lord Keeper) buys Ashridge House, and here the Egerton Collection, depicting family portraits and others connected to the Egerton family, began. Many of the portraits you can see today were on display at Ashridge until the death of the Third Earl Brownlow in 1921. The paintings were then dispersed to other properties during the breakup of the estate. The collection was reunited by a private collector, and in 1996 the portraits and paintings were returned on loan to Ashridge House.

See the extensive Egerton Collection, not usually accessible to the public, as Ashridge’s art historian answers your burning questions, taking you through the rich tapestry of the Egerton family and their relationship with Ashridge House.

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