Ed Elliott

Artist Statement

b.1985 Ed Elliott is an award-winning Artist / Sculptor, specialising in large scale pieces, often designed with a specific site in mind. He has received national and international acclaim for his innovative work in wood and bronze. With public pieces in six counties and selling work to collectors worldwide, he is widely recognized for his ambitious pieces and his striking style. His large-scale work has achieved record breaking visitor numbers at multiple prestigious venues nationwide. Ed has become a specialist in wood sculpture combining ancient practices from the East into his Fine Art pieces, which have a special resonance. Working with some of the UK’s leading foundries, Ed has meticulously cast some of his sought after wooden pieces into his bronze collection, capturing the vulnerability, impermanence and fragility of wood and translating this into the permanence of bronze.

Information - About Exhibitions

His recognisable 'Greer, Guardian Angel' series has been widely exhibited and sold to collectors worldwide. No.10 in the series received the award for Sculpture of the Year at the Cotswold Sculpture Park in 2020.Voted online in the top ten artists working with wood & voted in top 100 Sculptors to watch. Ed received a Royal Endorsement for his prolific self driven body of work and the quality of work he produces.


Greer, Guardian Angel A/C

120cm(h) x 300cm(w) x 138cm(d)

Bronze Resin

Available in Bronze & Bronze Resin


past/Public work

Greer, Guardian Angel | No.10 in the series

120cm(h) x 300cm(w) x 138cm(d)



for sale online

Greer Guardian Angel No.12 | Ed.100

14cm(h) x 35cm(w) x 15cm(d)



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