Penny Hardy

Artist Statement

Penny Hardy originally trained as a Scientific Illustrator before deciding to utilise her skills in capturing intricate detail of natural forms, and repurpose them for a career in sculpture. Hardy has since exhibited throughout the UK, and has worked on many private commissions worldwide. Currently, her piece ‘Blown Away’ A Sculpture for Change, is exhibiting nationwide, raising money for UNICEF by inviting people to name the sculpture and make a donation, with the donor of the winning title also winning the whole sculpture.

Information - About Exhibitions

Penny has exhibited widely throughout the UK.

"Sculpture is a tactile medium where you feel your way around your work, exhibitions allow the visitor to do the same.”


Sculpture for Change: Don't blow their Futures

Welded Steel

1.5m W x 1.2m D x 1.75m H

Sculpture for Change: Don't blow their Futures (2)

For Information on how to purchase or to commission a sculpture please contact the curator Lucy Irvine