Richard Cresswell

Artist Statement

Richard Cresswell started his working life as a mechanical engineer before retraining as a sculptor. Working mostly with stainless steel, His early career feeds into his art, with many works being kinetic, whilst others still capturing a sense of freedom and movement through form.

Information - About Exhibitions

Cresswell exhibits throughout the UK delighting audiences and collectors with his innovative and playful sculptures.

"My aim is always to just grab the essence of a shape or a feeling and translate it into something simple and elegant without loosing that original thought”



Polished Aluminium

2.5m H x 2.1m x 0.3m W



Steel with anodised aluminium moving elements

1.8m H x 1.4 x 1.3m W



Stainless Steel with Aluminium Parasols

2.1m H x 1.3m x 1.3m W


For Information on how to purchase or to commission a sculpture please contact the curator Lucy Irvine